Art of Sticker Jewels For Face Unlocks The Freya In You

Makeup that is so inspiring and seizes the attention of every spectacle is not a hallucination anymore, especially when you are surrounded by an abundance of festival face jewels. Ever since social media changed our glam sham world, the beauty game has revolutionized and led to the advent of notable makeup looks. That being said, inspiration can still be hard to find but not impossible.

The sticker jewels for face got an overwhelming aura and transform you brilliantly into a better version of yourself. At STARLIGHTSHINE.COM, we bring you an exclusive collection of face sticker jewels at a jaw-dropping price. Henceforth, giving you endless opportunities to lean into the extreme with beauty. Many artists have become a sensational hit through glittering & sticker jewels for faces.

Get the words out…Start with fabulous ones

(a) Angel Face Jewel – Starlight

A splendid wand to be a magical angel. whether it’s a festival or Halloween, Angel face jewel is perfectly suited to spread love and comes in two separate jewel stickers. Thus, you can even create an alluring mix & match combination.

(b) Dream Face Jewel – Starlight

A candid pick for captivating glamour, the dream face jewel favours playful shadows and is quite intimidating because of its strong colour combination.  It is one of the kind jewels that enlivens the inner corner of the eye. you should go for it as a fun highlighter.

(c) Flowery Face Jewel - Starlight

Flowery sticker jewels for face is an unexpected wing to be creative and surprisingly bold. It's deep purple & pink confers you with a timeless persona and skips the traditional black liner. Among all of our collection, flowery face jewels are tremendously appreciated by artist and is a secret to being terrific in any event.

Tune in to and see the entire list of glittery makeup and sticker jewels. Our platform is trusted by numerous individuals and artists for special & festive occasions. From so many amazing options, you can choose the best one out of the pool. Get them all today…!!


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