Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2019 by @itsvalleyva

Have you ever taken a stroll on chunky face glitter or glitter body powder? If not, then you should, for the sake of Halloween fiesta.

Many people are quest and embracing shimmer & glitter for a crazy complex beautiful look. This Halloween, let’s do something beyond imagination, something no one has ever thought of and will make you an insta-savvy.

Skull makeup is a trend that will never go out of style. Our glitter & Jewels collection is quite outstanding and is a gateway to any look. 

This amazing skull makeup was made by the talented Valeria, meet her work on profile @itsvalleyva.

#1 Glow Under Black Light – Neon cosmetic glitter stands you out at any festival or event and it’s a bit of revelation. Halloween is all about going crazy & spooky. Thus, glowing glitter & makeup trend is certainly an avalanche for a high level sparkle on the face & skin.

#2 Dark Mermaid Look – Do you remember Ariel from the little mermaid? This chunky face glitter transforms you into her with a natural berry tone. The product is a transfusion of purple iridescent color combination of hexagon, star & powder glitter.

#3 Sweet Summer Chunky Glitter – The summer chunky glitter will take your costume to the next level, allowing you to blend in with many makeup themes like fairy makeup & unicorn. Give it a try, surely you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

Don’t miss out on your chance to look angelic this Halloween. Dive in…Try Some More. These were just a glimpse of what we are offering. At, you’ll find abundance of amazing chunky face glitter and glitter body powder at a jaw dropping price.

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