Do You Follow What’s Trendy in Fashion Today? Like Chunky Glitter Set

Straight from the glam-sham world, face and body glitter USA is forecasted as one of the most engaging and preeminent growing trends in beauty and fashion, and will continue to grow in the upcoming year. So you can expect them to see more of them on your Instagram feed. It’s so irresistible that today everyone tries to get their hands on chunky glitter set to appear beautiful in an extraordinary way for any festival. If you are ridiculously in love with sparkly, shiny and glittery things just like us, then this blog is absolutely meant for you.

Chunky glitter sets are a growing rage in the face painting industry and why shouldn’t it be? It confers you popping-painty patronage and keeps you in style. Compared to typical cosmetic essentials, face and body glitter offers the loveliest varieties and gives you the privilege to try different unique combinations. It’s a trendsetter not only among face paint designers but proven to be a standalone makeup product to add to your bucket list.

Some of the fine chunky glitter sets we all desire to have are:

  • Rainbow Chunky Glitter Set – Mix of Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Navy, Iridescent and Holographic color.
  • Sweet Chunky Glitter Set – Contain Silver Rain, Dark Mermaid, Cotton Candy, Ice Cream, Flower Garden, Tutti Frutti, Snow White, and Pink Metallic Color Mix
  • Glam Chunky Glitter Set – Made of Gold Metallic and Silver Holographic & Holographic mixed of Glitters; letting you shine brighter for any festival.
  • Ibiza Chunky Glitter Set – Made of 8 different colorse. Aqua, Ocean, Stardust, Mermaid, Cosmic Brightness, Snow White, Nature and Star.
  • Miami Chunky Glitter Set – Made of 8 different colors. Unicorn, Eclipse, Barbie, Mermaid Song, Sweet Summer, Electric Pink, Carnival, and Silver Moon.
  • California Chunky Glitter Set – Made of Sunny Day, Solar Brightness, Desert Summer, Energy, Sunset, Bronzed, Holographic and Stardust.
At, we provide the best in class chunky glitter sets that are safe to use for any type of festival or event. They are being used by many American body artists and have been a fabulous choice to enliven your face with an intriguing design. The glitter sets we offer are extremely versatile in nature and are simple to apply on cheeks and face. It will be a perfect addition especially if you love scooping your face.

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