Ever Tried a Holographic Chunky Glitter? Here’s Why You Should

Among all the chunky glitter for your face, holographic chunky glitter is becoming quite a trendsetter and keeps you festival ready instantly. If you're still unfamiliar with what holographic chunky glitter is, then let us tell you one thing, it’s something that you must add in your bucket list for a finest detailed work.

The unique facet of holographic glitter lies in its metallic finish with a secondary rainbow which ultimately gives you a dazzling effect. It’s a total knock out for an eye-catching effect and that’s why it’s being used as artistic glitter, face and eyes glitter, and amazing glitter work. The rainbow holographic effect serves as a base and dazzles you up. StarlightShine.com is already leading ahead in the game with an impressive chunky glitter range and is perfectly suited to enliven your face instantly for any occasion. One can choose a spectrum of crystallized rainbow silver stars, speckles, hexagons and dust or glitter with high-intensity pigment.

4 catwalk-inspired ways to wear glitter, from subtle to show-stopping

Glamour’s Inspired Ways To Wear Holographic Chunky Glitter

Be the show starter and show stopper for any festivities. Glitzy makeup adds a sparkling zing to match your part dress and various makeup artists love it because of its astounding outcome. The only way to believe it is by exploring the inspired ways to wear holographic chunky glitter. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

#1 Subtle Glitter Eye Look - Your brows with smattering sparkle will compliment your personality and elegantly enliven your eyes.

#2 Glittering Lips – Sometimes, a beautiful pout is all we need to spur the moment and a glittering lip confers you a multi-dimensional look.

#3 Glittering your Hand, Nail & Neck – Bored with your current style? Then think better with holographic chunky glitter for your face. One can even get a gradient look to look pretty and feminine.

There’s a lot of ways to apply glitter onto your face and body. Certainly to construe pretty awesome ideas, you need to have an exclusive glitter. To find your favourite chunky glitter on your face, do stop by at https://starlightshine.com.  


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