Festival Makeup - Silver and Gold Glitters

In this this Makeup the idea was to create a Cosmic effect with metallized and Holographic Glitter. To achieve this achievement I used the Holographic Powder Glitter which has an incredible silver luster and a Mix of Chunky Glitter that mixes golden and silvery colors, leaving the Makeup with a metallic luster.

To complete the makeup were used the Face Jewel Damra Goddess with Iridescent Gems and the Star Glitter, which are small Star Silver Holographic, the effect could not be other, brightness, brightness and more brightness, especially when in contact with the incredible lights of the festivals, I loved the result and it was the easy makeup to do.


If you feel like being inspired by it for your next Festival, but you have any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help!

Let's shine!

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