Miami Chunky Glitter Set - Starlight

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-Unicorn: Iridescent Purple color, with hexagon and powder glitter.
-Eclipse: Silver Holographic + Metallic and Iridescent Purple color mix, with hexagon, diamond and powder glitter.
-Barbie: Metallic and Iridescent Pink + Metallic Purple color mix, with hexagon, star and powder glitter.
-Mermaid Song: Iridescent Pink and Blue color mix, with hexagon e powder glitter.
-Sweet Summer: Holographic Pink color, with star glitter.
-Electric Pink: Metallic Pink color, with small hexagon and powder glitter.
-Carnival: Metallic Pink, Metallic and Iridescent Blue + Metallic Purple color mix, with hexagon glitter.
-Silver Moon: Iridescent Pink and Silver Holographic color mix, with hexagon, moon and powder glitter.

Have 4 options of size:

  • Set 2 Grams - Small BAG
  • Set 6 Grams - BAG
  • Set 6 Grams - POT
  • Set 10 Grams - BAG


- Body safe, non-toxic

- Take care when use chunky glitter near eye makeup. Please avoid direct contact with eyelids and surrounding area.

Combine with:

For your full makeup, do experience the other mixes of chunky glitter, powder glitter and face gems - starlight. Use your creativity and create unique effects.

To remove the Glitter:

We recommend to remove the glitter using a piece of cotton and a product to remove makeup. But please always dispose in a bin!

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