About Us


Expressing is more than clothing, expressing has to see with attitude, creativity, has to see with the particularities of each one. It is the feeling of screaming to the world their feelings, their agonies, their passions. Starlight believe in it, believe in different forms of expression, believe in adversity and believe above all in love. Dare, do not be afraid of being judged, do not forget that you are a single being, and that expressing is the art of life.


How it all began

After a travel vacation from a Brazilian couple to the united states, passioned by EDM music, by raves and festivals of electronic music, had the opportunity to live that passion in this country. Inspired by real people and so many wonderful brands to love the way every individual expressed, feel it was time to also inspire many people.

He Logistics manager, she Fashion designer, shared his dreams and his passions, and from that perfect joint born starlight. Love for music, for fashions, for people and for any form of expression is what uses and inspires us to provide high quality services and to connect with people.

We are born in Miami in the year 2018, our objective is to offer products that affect our customers to express and create their unique style. Starlight is not a mark, it is a movement, it is the passion of every individual, we believe that people are for brightness and through these we seek to enhance their interior brightness. Spread this movement because there is no time and no sure location to shine, just express!