Angel Face Jewel - Starlight
Angel Face Jewel - Starlight
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Angel Face Jewel - Starlight

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Transform into a Magical Angel with our new range of face and body jewels and spread love. Choose one of our jewels and shine like never before at the next Rave or Festival!

The Angel face jewels comes as 2 separate jewel stickers allowing you to mix and match your look. Face, chest or shoulders, you can stick them all over your body.

  • Starlight starry jewels are all in one face and body that self-adhere for easy application.

  • Starlight starry jewels are easy to apply! Just remove from the plastic backing and press firmly against clean, oil-free skin.

  • For reuse your starlight starry jewels, place them back in their package after first use, and reapply with eyelash glue.

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