Festival Makeup with Pink Glitter and Blue Glitter

Raves, Festivals, Friends, Party, Fun, Love, Colors, Glitter and Face Jewels like live without!

I am an admirer with a passion for Makeup and especially for creative makeup for Festivals, so Starlight created this channel, creating simple Makeup with shine and creativity, easy for all of us to replicate in our Raves, because we women should shine!

One idea of this Festival Makeup has been made with the multicolored effect with Mermaid Glitter that has bluish tones but that shine like cores that are in its turn in their flashlight-color functions, plus the Cosmic Brightness Glitter that has in its formula metallized glows in shades of Blue and Pink.

 The final finish were utilized the Star Glitter which has a wonderful holographic glow and the Face Jewels Aphrodite with iridescent glow. all these Glitter Mix together could only result in this incredible Festival Makeup that will allow you to enter the magical world at your next festival!

Let's shine !!!!

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  • Brenda

    Is there a certain glue we should get before we apply the glitter or does it come with it?

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